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Image Viewer Window - Fit image to window width


Hi, is it possible to fit images to window width (and also to window height)?


If you turn off the Preferences / Viewer / Appearance / Auto-size viewer window option then the viewer will remember the size you set it to rather than auto-sizing. In the viewer itself you can then use the Fit To Page or Grow To Page commands to make images fit the window size.


An option to fit either horizontally or vertically for extra tall or extra wide pictures would be nice to have.


It will already fit horizontally or vertically depending on the dimensions of the image.


Hi Jon,
what I asked was a way to fit a tall picture on its width or wide picture on its height. And the icing on the cake would be a scrolling by moues wheel on the non-fitted dimension.
For instance I have a picture with an aspect ratio (width: height) of 6:1 – so a very broad picture. In this situation it would be great to have a way to fit the picture on its height and to scroll left and right by the mouse wheel.


I would second this very useful option.
ACDSEE has it for ages and so does Fastone viewer and have assignable hotkeys (Alt+H, Alt+V for example)
Lets say you have an image with 16:10 aspect ratio or even 4:3, and want it to display full screen on a 16:9 monitor using DO standalone viewer,
Now DI will either fit the whole image by taking into consideration its largest side so no part is left off screen, and add space left and right. Or will zoom following the preset increments (50,100,150etc) .But it cannot fit these images so their left and right borders fit the monitor (thus overshooting on the vertical axis)