Images toolbar - only half always shows

I have set my image toolbar to always show in the customize toolbars window, by "set to always show" i mean it is check marked in that window so it does not hide when the content changes in the listers. However, only half of the toolbar always shows. "Thumbnail Size slider, and the 4 thumbnail size shortcuts only show when I go into image heavy folders. How can I get those to always show as well? or if I have to, to never show unless I call them. Either way, I just don' want it to change.
The content type formats for images is check marked on, with the "images" toolbar set as its toolbar.
Thanks for your help in advance...

Things which change the thumbnail size are hidden unless you're in thumbnails mode, since they take up a lot of space (the slider specifically) and are useless outside of thumbnails mode.

So is there any way to permanently disable or enable that... without actually deleting those buttons?

You can trick Opus into always displaying the buttons for specific sizes by running their commands via dopusrt. For example:

dopusrt /acmd Show THUMBNAILSIZE 32

There's no way to make the thumbnail-size slider appear outside of thumbnails mode.