Imageshack fails

Ever since DOpus 10 has come out (as far as I have noticed) , the imageshack upload has failed with an error even tho I can upload manually without a problem.

64 bit

Works here, FWIW:

If it has never worked you may need to configure Opus to use a proxy or something. Or you might have firewall software blocking dopus.exe from sending data to imageshack.

Turned off the firewall ... same results.

Is there a way to get more specifications what the error is ?

Confirming leo's. Never had any problems here either. winxp 32-bit
good luck with the trouble shooting :astonished:

I have a screenshot utility that uploads to Imageshack without a problem

That doesn't discount proxy settings or a firewall blocking (some versions of) dopus.exe.

Not that those are the only things that could be going wrong, but have you looked into either of them?

Yes, I said I tried withmy firewall off .. I don't have any proxy settings on, if that is what u mean.