Imageshack upload function broken?

Does anyone else have this problem, using the new beta? I receive error messages every time
i try to upload images to Imageshack, saying "error... upload failed".

Yes happened to me today. It seems Imageshack itself got broken/is going through changes. For example if you upload image manually via Imageshack site and then click on the uploaded image to display it in original size it will just redirect to the start page (upload page) instead.

Started noticing this too with Dopus a week ago or so.

This error appears to have something to do with imageshack's anonymous accounts. After I registered a free account at imageshack and input the imageshack registration code to Dopus, the image uploading works again.

It seems like ImageShack have changed their API sometime and now require an API key to be used if no user authentication is provided. We'll look at getting one and implementing it in the next update.

I've had this problem since 10 came out

I don't think that is the same problem that Jon talks about. I don't have authentication enabled in my Opus Imageshack settings and it was working for me until fairly recently, but now fails (unless I enable authentication).