Implementing TeraCopy

Hi. I implemented the instructions I found here with great glee

[Copy & Move with TeraCopy)

But when I drag and drop, all I get now are tiny DopA, DopB, DopC temp files.

What's going on!?


It's probably the same thing as your other drag & drop problem.

Try again after fixing that and let us know if you still have problems.

no effect - still just getting tiny temp files...

my TeraCopy directory is set up just like the script requests, but the program itself doesn't even blink when I drag - as if it's not even being "called".

In case I can't get it to work, what were the commands that were in the copy and move fields that I deleted -- so I can return them to the way they were...?


Defaults are:

Drag-and-drop: Copy MOVEWHENSAME
Drag-and-drop + Alt: Copy MAKESHORTCUT
Drag-and-drop + Ctrl: Copy
Drag-and-drop + Shift: Copy MOVE


ah well... will use the QDir option till DOpus gets file queueing

FWIW I looked at those TeraCopy buttons and it looked like they were telling TeraCopy to copy the actual list of filenames rather than the files themselves. I think it's missing an argument or switch or something.

I had this exact same problem, fixed by adding an asterisk into the command:


"C:\Program Files\TeraCopy\TeraCopy.exe" Move {allfilepath|filem} {destpath}


"C:\Program Files\TeraCopy\TeraCopy.exe" Move *{allfilepath|filem} {destpath}

I've corrected the post. Thanks!