Imported Settings & Zip Files Not Opening Now

I imported my settings from home to my machine at work and now the zip viewer AND Winzip will not open zip files. I double-click a zip file and the hourglass icon appears showing me that the system is working, but then it disappears and the zip file is not opened. How can I fix this?

I also discovered that this only happens when I am in the Desktop, not on C:\Documents and Settings\my_user_name\Desktop.

[Double-click/right-click on desktop items does nothing (XP))

I had no idea this was a M$ issue. Was there an email sent to registered users about this? Uninstalling the M$ fix right now...

Well sorry but I don't know. Microsoft never sent me an email telling me they stuffed up Zip files and other double-click events on the Desktop. We had to discover it ourselves.

Maybe they did for you?