Imported toolbars disappear

After upgrading from version 9 to 11, I've imported my old toolbar set - which also imports its associated lister layouts, views, styles, filters and menus - and set it as the default. However, when I select one of these lister views, whilst creating the view accurately the imported toolbar environment disappears and reverts to Dopus 11's default layout.
What's happening, and can it be rectified?

Opus 9 did not have the concept of toolbar sets, so any layouts or styles imported from Opus 9 will use whatever is saved as the default toolbar set (unless modified to use another set after being imported, of course).

Using Settings -> Toolbars -> Set As Default Toolbar Set should be all you need to do to change which toolbars are in the default set.

Let me put it this way. From 'Settings/Toolbars/Toolbar Sets/...' I've imported 'Directory Opus 9'. I've then set this as the default toolbar set. This then disappears when any one of the lister layouts is chosen. How do I get around this.

Try turning on Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Layouts / Ignore toolbars saved within this layout for the layout.

I already have this setting enabled for every layout...

Maybe the easiest thing is to send us your config (Settings > Backup & Restore) and we can look to see why it's happening. It could involve folder formats or display modes, which can also change toolbars, although only if explicitly set to.

You can email the config to if you want to keep things private. (Since it can contain FTP site details and path history.)

I've sent you the configs Leo - any joy? N

The custom menus in your config don't actually have the Settings -> Toolbars -> Set As Default Toolbar Set command I said to use above.

Did you use Settings -> Set as Default Lister instead? That won't affect the toolbar sets.

If you want to add the Set As Default Toolbar Set command to your menus, it is Toolbar SETDEFAULT. Or you can run it as a one-off by typing > and then the command into the file display.

Running that command is all you need to do (tested with your config).

OK Leo, thanks for this. I'm not sure what had convinced me that I had set Dopus 9 as the default toolbar set since, as you say, it doesn't appear in the options. When one is fed up and wants something to just WORK, it's easy to convince yourself that you've done the right things! I'm still not clear how to add the Set As Default Toolbar Set command to my menus - can you elaborate? Thanks again... NG

You don't actually need it in your toolbars to run the command; just right-click on a blank space on any toolbar and the command is listed in the context menu (under the Toolbars sub-menu).

Thank you.