Importing ORP caused crash

I'm trying to import my Dynamic Renamer 1.12 rename preset ( Dynamic Renamer ) into DO12 (also DO12 latest beta), and upon import, DOpus crashes.

Is this a known issue?

Win 10x64

It imports OK here, but then doesn't run as I don't have perlscript installed.

The crash dialog in your screenshot shows the Run Script Thread is crashing, so my guess is the script is importing and then being run to generate the new name preview, and the script engine itself is crashing. (Not much else runs on that thread.)

A crash dump should be created which you can send to us to check. That should confirm whether the crash is within Opus or within the script engine.

If it's the perlscript interpreter that is crashing then it would probably only be something the vendor can fix, but it's always possible the crash dump may reveal something else is happening.

Thanks for checking.

I just discovered the crash seems to be due to the 5.24 version of Perl. Downgrading to 5.22 allows the script to import. The same behavior is seen w/DO 11.

Now that I get the script imported, I'm trying to see why the script isn't producing the desired output on Win 10.