Importing themes, backup/restore & file locations

1. How do I really import a theme
I'm not sure if I'm importing and applying themes properly. Any pointers will help.
It seem that importing a theme is vastly different from other programs like WinAmp or WindowsBlinds.

For example, if I want to apply the theme Office_2003_Blue.dlt ([url]Office 2003 Blue]), I just can't import it, click on apply and be done. I had to do the following to get it looking properly.

[ul]a. Import theme
b. Change the name 'Office_2003_Blue.dlt' to ''
c. Extract the images in the zip file to 'C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Images'
d. Apply theme
e. Right click on the ListerMenu and select 'Customize'
f. In the Background section, check the 'Image' check box and make sure it is set to 'Standard Toolbar Image'.[/ul]

2. Backup/Restore does seem to backup and restore completely everything (graphics, fonts, etc). I tried a backup, wiped my computer clean and re-imaged it, restored the backup and it looked different. Things were missing. Did I miss something here?

3. Besides, where's the proper place to put images, sounds, themese, etc? Do I just put them on the desktop or do I need to put them in a directory where the application will look for them?

  1. Settings / Lister Themes / Import Theme (menu item)
  2. Who knows? Probably.
  3. Anywhere you like.

[quote="jon"]1. Settings / Lister Themes / Import Theme (menu item)

That's what I did when I do the following steps:
a. Import theme
d. Apply theme

Nonetheless, I still had to do the rest to make it work.

Steps C & D shouldn't have been necessary. If it looked like the images were missing it's probably because they were copied to a different place. (e.g. Shared vs private config directories.) (Unless there's a bug in the theme import code which nobody has mentioned until now.)

Step F is only necessary if you've set your toolbars to use something other than the image designated as "Standard Toolbar Image" (which is the image the themes will replace).

If you've got My Custom Toolbar set to use My Custom Image (rather than Standard Toolbar Image) then the assumption is you want to keep it that way. If you don't want different images on different toolbars then make them all use Standard Toolbar Image.