In addition to the compress buttons

A.Add all selected files to RAR in current directory with the name you fixed:

<?xml version="1.0"?> Add to RAR Add all selected files to RAR #goroot @firstfileonly "/home\plugins\wrar\WinRAR.exe" a -r {Rs|Name of New file|{o|noext}.rar} {O} {allfile}

Where "/home\plugins\wrar\WinRAR.exe" is where you Winrar.exe is.
If you do not type another name of new file, then it will take the name of first file selected tobe RARed.
You can also change the "{Rs|Name of New file|{o|noext}.rar}"
to "{Rs|Name of New file|{o|noext}.zip}"(change "rar" to "zip"), then the new file will be a zip.

B. Decompress a RAR or Zip file to directory named with it.

<?xml version="1.0"?> Decompress to new folder Decompress to the Folder named with the file name #clippasteshortcut "/home\Plugins\wrar\WinRAR.exe" x "{f}" "{o|noext}\" Where "/home\plugins\wrar\WinRAR.exe" is where you Winrar.exe is.

I've added these to the WinRAR Compress/Decompress Buttons (and other) thread and moved this thread from the Buttons forum to Help & Support to make the Buttons forum tidier.