In Dual Display, apply a Style only to the active (left or right) display?

I'm thinking this one may be asking too much - I've searched the forum and Help without getting even close. Is there any way to create a Style (e.g. a basic one - just designated columns and sort order) that will apply only to the active display in a Dual Display configuration?

For example, one go-to Style for me is called Modified and presents a group of columns including the Modified date, by which the list is sorted. Another is called Default, a different group of columns sorted alphabetically. And so on.

I'd like to be able to apply these Styles only to the active side of the dual display, leaving the format of the other side unchanged.

I recognize that in creating a Style one chooses either or both sides of a dual display to apply formatting to. Just wondering if there's a workaround, other than creating two of each Styles, one for left and one for right ... Thanks!

If all you're changing is columns and sort order then using Folder Formats may be more appropriate. You can save a format as a favorite and apply it to the current file display without affecting the other file display.

So obvious. Years ago, clueless about Styles / Layouts / Folder Formats, etc., I started down the Styles path when all I really wanted was Folder Formats. Now I have about fifteen Styles I need to recreate as Folder Formats. < sigh >

Many thanks for the simple answer. I really did search the forum first, but I was so far up the wrong tree that the right one wasn't visible.

Don't you guys take any time off? Monster dedication, but what about burnout?

Thanks again,