Include scripts


Is there any technical limitations behind include script :

  • that prevents them from being used from a button script (it seems only available and working from a "global" script, edited/created from the Script manager)
  • that prevents the include scripts to have a configuration

On the first point, I find it a bit disappointing, as having this include file could legitimate coding smaller scripts directly in buttons (since they are using one or more include files with helper functions, or that could be seen as "script libraries").

On the second point, the idea I had in mind was to use this to provide some sort of tools to other scripts/button scripts which could have a general configuration.
That is not critical, since configuration could be set up on a per use basis (using snippets for instance, to avoid forgetting important parameters to set up), but it would have been easier.

Many thanks.

Changed in 13.4.4, it's now available from any script type. Many thanks.

From Directory Opus 13.4.4 (Beta) :