Directory Opus 13.4.4 (Beta)

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates (assuming you have checking for beta versions enabled in Preferences), or download manually.

  • The shadow around the active folder tab (when tabs are at the top or bottom) can now be turned off (Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Directory Opus Colors / Folder tabs).

  • When a folder takes on columns from multiple formats, and the folder's main format has "auto-size all columns" off but inherits additional columns from a format with it on, those columns are now set to auto-size.

  • Folder thumbnails "exclude folders with custom icons" option now applies to libraries.

  • The Duplicates Select dialog now gives focus to the file list when it closes (assuming it selected anything and wasn't cancelled)

  • In dialogs like Create Folder, pressing Enter to OK the dialog is no longer blocked by the suggestion popup (i.e. you no longer need to press Enter twice unless you've actually selected a suggestion to insert)

  • The description of Opus config backups is now shown in the Description column without .ocb having to be added as a zip file extension

  • Scripting Date object Add and Sub methods now accept up to 64-bit signed numbers as offsets.

  • Script functions (in buttons etc) can now use @include to include script include files

  • Script dialog controls set to resize by sharing height can now abut one another without a gap

  • Workaround for Windows shell failing to provide thumbnails for videos via symlinks to network shares.

  • Fixed issue with thumbnails that come from the Windows shell on long network paths.

  • Fixed bug which could cause some unicode characters to get lost when saving a script file via the script IDE.

  • Fixed tab controls in script dialogs not resizing the tabs to account for a font change.

  • Fixed two-way sync missing empty folders.

  • "New" menu now put the separator after Folder and Shortcut instead of between them.

  • Fixed accelerator keys in file/folder context menus (broken in 13.4.2 beta).

  • Fixed certain aspects of the Select command (broken in 13.4.2)

  • Fix for crash when deleting files from particular zip archives. (IDs 222-225)

  • Fix for crash ID 230.

  • Possible fix for crash ID 231.

  • Possible fix for crash ID 232.