Incorrect pathname in Find Duplicate Files

When doing a search for duplicate files, the file location is showing drive W: when the search is in drive D:

Drive W does exist, but the search is definitely being done on drive D: The directory doesn't even exist on drive W:.

This appears to be a drive enumeration or the drive letter is getting moved around in an array or list.

Does anyone else have an issue like this?

I have 11 total drives. 2 local with drive D: being a mirror.
3 Optical drives with one being virtual.
2 external drives (USB)
3 drives on other computers (the W: drive is on the C: drive of one of these computers)
1 drive on a large NAS

Using version 12.26


Please post a screenshot of what you're seeing, with the Find Duplicates panel included so we can see how it's configured.