Indexing network drives


I often find myself searching for files on my network drives. In Dopus this takes a long time because the search location isn't indexed.
Is there a way to select which locations to index in Dopus?
I often use Everything by Voidtools ( in conjunction with Dopus to find files. Everything has its own index and is incredibly fast.
I would love to have this type of search/indexing functionality directly in Dopus.

If that isn't possible, maybe it's possible to have some kind of connection between both applications? Not sure if this can help, but there is an SDK available (SDK - voidtools)

Anyway, in my book Everything is the very best tool to find files in windows, no matter in what location. If you haven't tried it, give it a go and I'm sure you will agree.

But most of the time I want to just find the file and open the containing project folder. And there is no direct way to do that in Everything. You need to right click the file and then find 'open containing folder' which if you use this often is not really efficient. It does open the folder in Dopus which is a positive.

To summarize, I would love to see this kind of indexing functionality (optionally) in Dopus. It probably uses a lot of diskspace, but it's worth it.


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Opus itself doesn’t index anything. Opus can use the Windows Search and (in Opus 13) Everything search indexes, but what is in those indexes is up to them and how you have them configured.

Indexing (local) network drives works great with Everything and Dopus 13.

Thanks guys! Is Dopus 13 stable enough for daily use already?

I'm not having any issues at the moment, the improved network performance and Everything integration is a major plus, in my opinion.


My system has been on v13 since the first beta and never returned to v12 :slight_smile:


Hi, just installed Dopus 13 and I want to use Everything's search index. How do I enable it in Dopus?
The options I see are:

  • Windows Search
  • Search all
  • Global search all
  • Opus search
    (translated from dutch interface)

I've searched the settings/preferences for indexing settings, but I can't find them.

Okay, silly me. This is a problem with translation.
It seems like Search All actually is Search using the Everything index.

Sounds like 'Everything' (the tool name) has been translated to 'all'. We'll pass that along to the Dutch translator.

(It's annoying the tool isn't called something less generic, it leads to lots of confusion in translations :slight_smile: )


It is indeed a bit confusing but I'm glad I found it. It's an amazing tool and this combined with Dopus is very powerful.

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Thanks This is fixed for the next V13 release.

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