Indonesian language pack availability, how/when to get it

Helo, please pardon me if my English and writing broken thank you so much for kindly understanding , Regarding multi language versions of latest Directory Opus/Dopus and so non English language pack availability as well you think is there any proper and practical way to also have Indonesian (or any other unlisted languages) included and set as default language,i want tp get it showing within my current Dopus 12 Instalation? Le .

Somehow why theres is no avalaibility for Indonesian language in Dopus at this time.

Last ive tried again to google anything related and just found this "an Indonesian version/Dopus beta"g. As description Bahasa was the default languague used

Unfotunately reinstalling, uninstalling multiple times all wont work at all www... it was unexpectedly still English. Later just found that itts just a standard Dopus installer with wrong title and description,deceiving without containing Indonesian pack as listed

i often read that some bad scripting and programmming would affec software stability and even potentially unvalidate license i own that way

In addition almost all devices and softwares i have regardless of type suchWindows Offic most softwares PC phone etcmost of them have Indonesian UI including Windows Explorer. I just want the same featture Indonesian languague available for Dopus as well

Am i actually missing something to do if any i apologize if tmy post is too long, to read finally a million thanks for any helpful answer, really appreciated

We don't have an Indonesian translation, but if anyone with the skills and time wants to make and maintain one please email with details.

Thank you Leo for all your informative and honest reply, i see thats all real things i'd lneed to hear n should know at this time. For the time being maybe someone, lets say that an unknown person from my country with such willingness and decent skills is reading the post now ,

At first i myself also wanted to be involved but now i think my own chance is small n even smaller according tonthe fact i dont even have decent skills in advanced programming and if required.

Anyway i still wish that someday rhus i would be happier to be one of Indonesians who were using rhe best file manager ever in th evworld Dopus in Indonesian that way, finally thats all i think so again thanks so much n all the best cya :slight_smile: