Information on the taskbar when deleting

The information on the taskbar when deleting files does not show.
The information on the taskbar when deleting folders shows.
Added a video, settings, look at the video set different.

Windows 7 32bit

Deleting one file takes a fraction of a second. The progress dialog does not need to appear at all for such a short operation.

The progress dialog appearing while the confirmation prompt is up for folders has already been discussed in your older thread.

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Everything is clear, thanks.
I just thought that should appear anyway.
So everything works correctly, it should be so.

Just decided to supplement.
Files are different
He will not delete 5GB instantly, for example such a file?

Will not delete it quickly :slightly_smiling_face:

A 5GB file will delete at the same speed as any other file if you're deleting it normally.

If you do a secure wipe of it, it'll take longer, but you'll also see a progress dialog in that case, so there is no issue here.

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It is clear now.
Thank you very much.