Infotips in file panels

Infotips can be useful from time to time (content overview for a folder for example).
But half of the times these infotips are in the way.

I did found these can be disabled entirely in details view, but is there also an option to show these infotips only when hovering the icon, not the filename?

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There isn't, but I've been thinking of adding a command to toggle them (also toolbar tips) so you can turn them on and off without opening Preferences every time, as there are times they get in the way and times they're really useful.

Hovering over just the icon is interesting, maybe as an option, although I wonder how well much it'd help in thumbnails mode, which I find is the main place where the tooltips annoy me (as it's hard to keep the mouse somewhere that doesn't trigger them).

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Should have specified that this was about the Details view ..

I hardly ever use thumbnail view, but I can see the annoying part.
On the other hand: a lot of useful information is then missing without these infotips. Don't have a solution.

(man .. you reply fast!! )

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In thumbnails mode, I want infotips to display only when hovering over the filename.