Inline rename: Insert full-width question mark

Some instances you may want to insert a question mark into a filename. This is a bit faster than other methods (Alt+numpad).

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<regexsel key="191,6" name="Insert full-width question mark">
	<eval>selstart = Len(valleft) + 1;
selend = selstart;
return valleft + Chr(65311) + valright;</eval>

Nice idea! I hadn't even thought about using inline rename keys to insert hard to type/remember things.

FYI a reference table with all the illegal chars and potential replacements (I'd use

  • ⸮ |instead of
  • ?|since this one is wider

Illegal file name characters

Windows FAT  	*:"\|<>/? ^ Ctrl+... 
Windows NTFS 	*:"\|<>/?   Ctrl+... ␣@end .@end
macOS        	 :          none
  Replacement	∗꞉”⧵¦‹›⁄⸮ ˆ none

| are to show character width
Smb Name UTF
|*| 1 Asterisk 002A
|∗| Asterisk Operator 2217
|⁎| Low Asterisk 204E
|*| Fullwidth Asterisk FF0A
|:| 2 Colon 003A
|꞉| Modifier Letter Colon A789
|∶| Ratio 2236
|:| Fullwidth Colon FF1A
|᠄| Mongolian Colon 1804
|܃| Syriac Supralinear Colon 0703
|﹕| Small Colon FE55
|"| 3 Quotation Mark 0022
|”| Right Double Quotation Mark 201D
|“| Left Double Quotation Mark 201C
|"| Fullwidth Quotation Mark FF02
|〞| Double Prime Quotation Mark 301E
|‟| Double High-Reversed-9 Quotation Mark 201F
|︓| Presentation Form for Vertical Colon FE13
|| 4 Backslash 005C
|⧵| Reverse Solidus Operator 29F5
|﹨| Small Reverse Solidus FE68
|\| Fullwidth Reverse Solidus FF3C
||| 5 Vertical Line 007C
|¦| Broken Bar 00A6
|⏐| Vertical Line Extension 23D0
||| Fullwidth Vertical Line FF5C
|⎹| Right Vertical Box Line 23B9
|⎸| Left Vertical Box Line 23B8
|<| 6 Less-Than Sign 003C
|‹| Single Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark 2039
|⋖| Less-Than with Dot 22D6
|≤| Less-Than or Equal To 2264
|﹤| Small Less-Than Sign FE64
|<| Fullwidth Less-Than Sign FF1C
|>| 7 Greater-Than Sign 003E
|›| Single Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark 203A
|⋗| Greater-Than with Dot 22D7
|≥| Greater-Than or Equal To 2265
|>| Fullwidth Greater-Than Sign FF1E
|﹥| Small Greater-Than Sign FE65
|/| 8 Slash 002F
|⁄| Fraction Slash (solidus in typography) 2044
|∕| Division Slash 2215
|⧸| Big Solidus 29F8
|/| Fullwidth Solidus FF0F
|ꜘ| Modifier Letter Dot Slash A718
|?| 9 Question 003F
|⸮| Reversed Question Mark 2E2E
|¿| Inverted Question Mark 00BF
|⁇| Double Question Mark 2047
|︖| Presentation Form for Vertical Question Mark FE16
|Ɂ| Latin Capital Letter Glottal Stop 0241
|?| Fullwidth Question Mark FF1F
|፧| Ethiopic Question Mark 1367
|^| 91 Circumflex Accent 005E
|ˆ| Modifier Letter Circumflex Accent 02C6
|˄| Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead 02C4
|⌃| Up Arrowhead 2303
|‸| Caret 2038

I want to do almost exactly this. It's been an obsession of mine to use a question mark in file names and the fullwidth question mark is the best substitute character I've found. I've copied and pasted this code into my toolbar in customize mode and nothing happens. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.
My next goal would be to create user command I can apply with the keyboard that doesn't need a button.
When I I type Alt+65311 I get ▼
My ultimate goal is to create commands for the colon and forward slash substitutes I've found
I could not find code in the Dopus manual for inserting characters.

This is intended to be used while editing a file/folder name (Rename from file context menu or F2). Copy the code and go to Preferences / File Operations / Renaming Files / Control Keys ... Click the paste toolbar button from within preferences. Note the shortcut key assigned to it. Use this shortcut key while editing the name of a file.

If you would rather have a button add it without entering edit mode. This will always add to the end of the name.

Rename TO="*?" IGNOREEXT

AutoHotkey is an excellent and more flexible tool for such things: you can insert any character not only in file renames dialogs, but also in search bars or even outside of Opus. And then you could even have helpful popups to pick from
or simpler tooltip reminders