Inline rename multiple files like Explorer?

So I want to inline rename multiple files similar to Explorer, where you select multiple files, rename them, and they would all share the same name except for numbers in parentheses appended at the end of their stems. I found this a very useful feature in Explorer and I am surprised to see that this is not an option in Directory Opus. While the batch renaming system present is good, I find it quicker to rename multiple files from the lister if I want them to share the same name besides sequential numbering at the end.
If it is possible to inline rename multiple files, could someone please tell me how? Or if it is not possible currently, could it please be implemented?

The Rename dialog is a lot more flexible, but if you want Opus to behave like Explorer, that is also possible, but requires Opus Pro:

In the next update (12.10.3) we'll add an option to make Opus work the same way as Explorer in this respect (without needing a script).

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Did this get in? Sorry to comment on such an old thread, but I am not finding where to turn this option on. Thanks.

The option is: Preferences / File Operations / Inline Rename / Rename all selected files at once.

Thanks. I saw that and it is checked. I thought I was seeing DO only rename one file, but cannot reproduce that, so user error. What I do see when I select and rename four files named whatever to "abc" is a result where the first file is abc, and the 2nd-4th are named abc (1), abc (2), and abc (3). Is that what you would expect me to see? I was expecting abc (1) through abc (4). V12.22b7593, btw.