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Inline rename vs Selected file or Folder


I just love inline rename mode for renaming files & folders.
I select a folder1 press F2 for rename & After type the new name I don't press Enter.
I Press the Down arrow key for go to folder2 for rename inline. After Type the new name
I Press Enter. With Press the Enter I want This folder2 will be my Selected folder. But it's not.
After Press Enter the Folder1 is Steel my selected folder, What I don't Want. Is there any solution?


The folder with keyboard focus should remain the one at the position you pushed Enter. If you push Space it should select that folder (but won't normally deselect any other ones).

The folder selection isn't affected by inline rename.

I tried a few things but I don't think there is a way to change things so the folder you land on at the end gets automatically selected. It's just how it works.


Thank's for the replay LEO. I hope there will be a solution in future Update.