Inserted cd/dvd not showing name

If I put in a cd or dvd the name of the disk does not show.
In Opus or windows explorer.
I have auto play turned off, but this has never been a problem in the past.
I think this is a XPpro or cd/dvd drive problem. It's a new LG Super Multi Drive.
Did Google search, but most are about files or the drive not showing.

Any ideas ?


It has been my experience that disabling Autoplay also disables the drive labels. Read my notes in this thread for a (tedious) work-around.

That is almost what I do.
Read your article, but didn't work.
May do a repair install of XP as this is a new computer
and some drivers or software my have confused things.

Reinstalled XP and working ok.
Here are my settings.
Autoplay all drives
TYPES: no autoplay cd/dvd

My computer
Prompt for action all types of content