Instal a dcf file - correctly

I have DO v.10 Win7 OS, and I wish to install the files to folders.dcf file.

Please can you give me an idiots guide to installing as I have tried but no joy.

I get the button but this comes up when I press it "windows cannot find"<?xml". Make sure you type the name correctly and then try again"



[ol][li]Make sure you are in the folder with the .dcf file.

[li]Select Settings -> Customize Toolbars to put Opus into Customize mode.

[li]Drag the .dcf file to where you want it on your toolbar.

[li]Click OK in the Customize window to exit customize mode.[/li][/ol]

Thank you, don't know what I did wrong the first time as it worked this time - it is what I thought I had done initially.

Thank you