Install help

Every time I try to install program updates, receive an access denied error for dopuslib.dll. I cannot terminate the process or delete the file. Any suggestions?

Make sure you're logged in as with Administrator access. If the installer can't overwrite a file it will schedule it to be overwritten on reboot but it can't do that if you don't have access to the appropriate place in the registry and/or you cannot write the new version to a temp file in the Program Files directory.

Other than that the only suggestion I can think of is to uninstall Opus, reboot, and then try installing the newer version. But you shouldn't have to do that.

Oh, you may also want to check that the read-only flag hasn't been set on dopuslib.dll by something.

Logged in as administrator and result was the same. The file is not checked as read only. Uninstall and reinstall is my only option then?