Installed latest version - crash

I just installed the latest version.

It was working OK, but at some point dopus stopped responding. E.g., trying to close a lister window from the task bar or to view a lister - wasn't displaying contents, or responding to clicks, etc.

I had about a dozen lister windows open.

Suddenly they all closed (looked like a crash). When I reopened the program, the various listers reappeared. Everything seems to be working again.

I checked and there are no files in the DOpus.Minidumps folder. Are there logs or something I can send to help you find why it crashed?

If you see it freeze again, please make some manual snapshots and send them to us: Manually generating process snapshots

The DOpus.Minidumps snapshots would be the only automatic ones, so if they aren't there then there won't be any other information to diagnose.

Freezes and crashes like that are sometimes caused by particular files, and may in turn be triggering bugs in shell extensions or video codecs etc. something else has installed, or could be bugs in Opus itself. Manually generated snapshots can often reveal which component (and sometimes which file) is causing the problem, but failing that, try to think of any unusual action or folder you performed or visited just before the problem and see if doing the same again can recreate it. That is often enough to track down the cause.

OK, Thanks. I actually was about to try to get some process snapshots when it disappeared.