Installed Older version of DOpus on laptop

I had DOpus 12.7 Pro on both the Desktop and Laptop. SSD on the laptop crashed, and I reinstalled DOpus. The website indicated older version (11.9) "for registered users". So I went along with it. Now to upgrade to 12 it seems I need to pay. I'm reluctant to uninstall 11.9 and install 12 since there is likely to be a limit on the number of times this can be done.

If you have an Opus 12 license already then you can download and install Opus 12.

Licenses also work on older versions, but there is no reason to download or install them unless you need to use an old version for some reason. The installers for older versions are provided for people who have licences for them and don't have licences for the latest version.

In summary, just download and install Opus 12 if that is what your license is for.

Manythanks for a quick reply. All good.