Installer stops working [Solved]

The key from Humble Bundle will expire on May 1st but I can't complete the installation and redeem the code now.
It showed error message.
I tried to close all programs and other services as much as possible and even entered Windows 10 (Pro 64-bit) safe mode.
And I have installed .NET framwork 4.6.2 on My Win 10 OS.
How can I do to prevent my HB DOpus 12 Light key from expiring?
Thank You!!!

  • First, please check that the installer you are using was fully downloaded and is complete and unmodified:

    Guide: How to check for a corrupted installer or main program

  • If the installer is OK, please try disabling any antivirus or firewall software in case it is crashing the installer.

  • Other possible solutions are here:

    Guide: Problems installing Opus

    While they don't match the exact symptoms you are seeing they may still be worth a try, as the same type of problem can cause InstallShield to fail in different ways on different machines:


The file's digital signature is valid and the files itself seems complete, not corrupted.
But never mind.
I successfully complete the installation of DOpus on the Virtual Machine(Win7 64-bit).
I have one question:
I can install DOpus and get new certificate on my Win10 Pro 64-bit OS later once the problem solved, right?
Right now I just don't want the key (product token?) from Humble Bundle expired.

Thank you!

You can activate your key on our website ( and then install it manually into the program when you get it installed.

OK, then.
Now I'll input the key from HB on the VM OS and link my account.
Thank you!