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Installing a file viewer to cover many more file types


I am running Version 12.9 X64 on my newest very high end computer. On my previous system I had a good added program to give my file viewing for many added file types, especially those for WordPerfect and Quattro Pro.

What is the recommended program to install for Opus (a free one if possible or modest cost) to get the added viewers

I was using File Viewer Plus on my Windows 7 prior system, but I'm using Windows 10 now


I erred in the message above. The program is Quickview, no File View



If you already own QuickView Plus and were happy with it then I would keep using that. I don't know of another viewer for that format, although it's not one that I've investigated recently or that comes up a lot these days, so there might be one I don't know about.

Note that the latest versions of QuickView Plus reportedly drop the preview handler (viewer plugin) support, so there's no point in upgrading the version you had if you want to use the viewers within Directory Opus (and/or File Explorer); just install the version you already own.


I checked further, and Quickview Plus is still offering the same file types, consisting of mostly file types from the last century, and now without Quattro Pro.

I have been communicating with a friend on the WPU web site. He sent me the following message below. He is a WP expert, and is also a big Directory Opus fan

Unfortunately I was totally unable to follow his path, Searching for WORDPERFECT yeilded "not found". And I was unable to get the responses he was getting, and could not find the "preview handler" or WP anywhere.

My version is the latest version 12.9 x64 - I don't know what's going on here

I went to the Directory Opus Resource Centre site (see the DO Help menu) and searched for "WordPerfect".

Several threads there indicated that WordPerfect files should be available to view in DO if you use DO's own Multiview Plugin (a.k.a. "preview handler"):

First: Make sure it is available in DO (i.e., checkbox ticked):
Preferences> Viewer Plugins> Plugin Manager

Then: Make sure it is enabled in DO (i.e., turned on):
Settings> Viewer Plugins> MultiView> Enable

The above settings are what I currently use in my DO (v12). [But even when I disable that plugin in DO's Preferences I can still view WPD files!]

Hopefully this will help.


You probably don't want to use the MultiView plugin. That's for very old (90s) viewers and versions of QuickView Plus. That's also why disabling that viewer didn't make a difference for him.

Preview Handlers (which the more recent versions of QuickView Plus used, until they apparently dropped viewer support entirely) work in Opus via the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin, not the MultiView plugin.

But you usually don't have to do anything at all on the Opus side. The thing you need to do is install a preview handler for WordPerfect.

If you still have the version of QuickView Plus you were using successfully before, my advice is to just reinstall that. After that is done, check the viewers in File Explorer and Opus and they should both be able to view the files using it, with no further changes needing to be made.


The old version of Quickview I have is ver 11. It will not install in Windows 10. I will not give them about $50 for the current version.

I"m still working with WP to try and get their viewers installed.

Recently, The PDF reader I use from Foxit, stopped its use in file managers. It used to be installed automatically with Foxit reader, but my last update killed that off.

With all the many many features that Opus has built in, it would seem that the next version should incorporate readers for a reasonable list of programs. I would be happy pay for that enhancement.

Since Opus is the best file manager in the world, how about making it even better?



My QVP was also v11 and you're right, it refuses to install on Windows 10.

Looking at Avantstar's website, they still advertise integration with Outlook, IE and File Explorer, so I am not sure people are correct that they have removed the preview handler aspect of QVP from newer versions, unless the webpage is wrong or they are explicitly blocking certain programs from using it.

On the other hand, I see it is now sold as a $99 annual subscription (with no upgrade pricing from previous versions, to make matters worse), so I don't blame you for not wanting to upgrade it. They must be focusing entirely on the business market and shutting out typical home users. A shame.


I just installed FoxIt Reader from their website and it still includes a preview handler which works in Opus.

When you install FoxIt, make sure not to turn off the Shell Extensions option in its installer. (According to Why the Windows Explorer PDF preview stops working? on their website.)

You can check if the FoxIt preview handler is installed, and if it has the .pdf extension assigned to it, from Opus by going to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins, selecting the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin and clicking Configure.

  • If it is listed there but doesn't have .pdf assigned to it, you can assign it there.

  • If it isn't listed there, try reinstalling FoxIt Reader and check the option mentioned above. Make sure it is FoxIt Reader and not one of their other tools as I don't know if any of the others include the preview handler.

Failing that, there are several other PDF readers out there with preview handlers as well, but the FoxIt one still seems to work fine to me.


Writing our own WordPerfect viewer would be a huge undertaking, and would probably take us years to do. It's not a trivial format to decode or render. It's really up to Corel, who make WordPerfect, to provide a preview handler for their software's format, the same as Microsoft provide them for the main MS Office apps, or to provide a component which people can use to create a viewers themselves.

Edit: You mentioned here that WordPerfect was including preview handlers in newer versions? Did that turn out to be incorrect?

Then I learned that WP-X8 suite which I did purchase has preview handlers built in for all their file types.