Installing Directory Opus

I've been a user for many years. I have found your program Directory Opus indispensable and much superior to anything else. Your latest upgrade notice appeared on my computer and I dutifully proceeded to upgrade. BUT, the upgrade failed and now I no longer have a viable program. The error message was as follows:

Error# 0x8000FFFF
Kernel \ServiceProvider.cpp (121)

I subsequently downloaded earlier versions of DO which prior to this latest attempt to download were working fine. They now all show the same error code and abruptly stop. So I currently have no access to your program.

I have followed your directions to associate my registration code with your service and that has occurred but I have absolutely no idea how to request technical help, which is what I am doing now.

Please provide some help.

Thank you,


Please see here for a solution. The first or second bullet points should fix that issue:

(Please don't post your registration code in public. Your account is already linked so there's no need.)