Installing *.msi files, with build 13.0.48 generates an error message

Installing *.msi files, with build 13.0.48, generates an error message: "This installation package cannot be opened ... ". I think this is some permissions issue since one can install the same .msi file in Windows Explorer, and the installer service WAD i.e. all *.msi files install as usual.

What’s an example file that has the error?

I have tried loading many *.msi installer files, but the last one I attempted, which again failed, was the latest version of calibre 7.0. But also try installing the latest version of Edge, etc. All of them fail but load when I use Windows Explorer. My user account is an Administrator account. Pardon my ignorance, but I don't know why there are two types of installer files, and for some reason, Microsoft seems to love *.msi files. Suitable old *.exe files always work for me. I wouldn't say I like *.msi files. I have tried converting the *.msi to *.exe using a utility I found, but that workaround is instead hit and miss. It works with some *.msi files but not others, but in my view, good old DO should eat *.msi files for breakfast, but for some reason, it fails in 95 per cent of the cases, maybe 100 per cent. I haven't been doing accurate stats, but I do know it's very frustrating and problematic.

For what it's worth, had no issue installing Calibre 7.0 msi on my WIn10 64 Pro system via DO13.0.48 just a few minutes ago.

No issues installing Calibre here either:

Things that might cause problems on your machine:

Hi Guys,

I don't know what you have to done, or maybe I have done, but [Directory Opus 13.0.50 beta] installing *.msi files seems to be working again. What I cannot explain is why before Explorer and all alternative file managers worked, i.e. installed *.msi files without generating an error message? Only god knows, or maybe Superman, aka Jon, but I am happy again - yes, small minds are delighted about little things. That's why Einstein could never understand quantum mechanics.

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Good to know it's working now!

AFAIK we didn't change anything on our side for this one, but it's useful to know it's resolved one way or the other.