InstallScript Setup Launcher has encountered a problem


Windows XP SP3, 32-bit

I downloaded the latest version of DO yesterday. I clicked NEXT as appropriate through the setup windows, changing only (if I remember right) the destination drive from C: to D:. Setup appeared to complete but then I got the attached Windows error, and the setup program immediately closed:

According to the "Crash dumps for bug reports" FAQ, normally there's supposed to be a folder in the %TEMP% directory called DOpus.Minidumps, but none was created.

I'm going to file a regular support ticket request but since I didn't find this error reported previously in this forum, nor listed in the FAQ's, I thought I would post a message here in case someone else encounters the same issue.

That is the installer crashing, not Opus itself, so there probably won't be a minidump.

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Please forward to me, by private email, the message you're getting from SpamArrest. It should have instructions in it for authorizing the email address it's detecting. It doesn't sound like this is happening so once I have a copy of the message you're getting, I'll contact SpamArrest support to resolve the issue.

If you're going to ask the forum to send you emails then you should authorise your anti-spam tool to accept emails from the forum yourself.

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Ah, OK, so you ARE getting instructions on how to authorize your email address. That's helpful to know.