Integration with X1

I would really like to see the power of Directory Opus and X1 combined. Both programs have changed the way I use my computer. The ability to instantly search my desktop combined with the features of Directory Opus would be life changing.


What's X1?

Maybe it's this:

Never heard of it.

Seems similar to Google Desktop Search (which Opus can already hook into) and somehow related (or used by?) Yahoo Desktop Search.

Yes it is the desktop search engine at and it is the engine behind yahoo desktop search. It was out before Google and is very good. I have not used Google so I can not compare. If you have not tried X1, I think it is worth the time to download the trial version and try it.


At $75 a copy no wonder not many people have heard of it, especially when there are many free alternatives which do a similar job.

One of those free alternatives is Yahoo Desktop Search, which is X1 rebadged and given away for free by Yahoo. The differences between the two lie in the ability to search computers on networks and in what e-mail clients are supported. Look no further than the free YDS for a demo of what X1 is all about.

Related topic I started recently. But I realy don't like the "in-file" search. It's giving to many results I'm not interested in. Just a quick search cache based on filenames alone is what I need. Somthing like ava find but build-in in my file manager.

[url]Build-in Quick search like avafind]