Integrity failure message after computer freeze


Yesterday my computer froze then shutdown completely. After powering back up Directory Opus complained about corrupt files possibly due to Malware/Trojan. As requested I uninstalled and installed the latest version and reactivated using my license. The issue happened again.
Since then I have Directory Opus uninstalled and the computer is working fine again.
I ran MalwareBytes scan and ESET online scanner - both came out clean.

I will try to provide any information you need to debug this as I can assume it is not a common issue, just let me know what you need.


This actually sounds suspiciously like the memory or disk corruption.

Can you run the chkdsk c: (and for all your disks/partitions) and see if it reports any filesystem corruption?

Also a Windows Memory Diagnostic test (you can find it by typing the "memory" in the Start Menu) -- especially if the chkdsk doesn't find any issues with the disk(s).

Will do, but keep in mind: This computer is years old - absolutely no issues before yesterday or after I uninstalled DOpus.

Unlike Opus, most programs usually don't do any self-checks, so if there is a virus or a hardware problem the Opus' self-check can actually be like a canary warning (you've already mentioned you have a good antivirus measures in place, so it's probably not a virus).

It is of course possible that the problem is with Opus itself, I'm not ruling that out. But if it's not Opus you could save yourself from the data loss if the hardware problems are found before more corruption occurs.


I liked the extra time you took to link the Canary in a Coal mine :slight_smile:
The Hard disk is an SSD, it is old and could be the issue, but Hard Disk Sentinel and CHKDSK both say it is fine. Memory Check also returned without errors detected.
Maybe DOpus is hinting I should replace this old system :face_with_monocle:

What would be involved in determining (or helping find if) this is a DOpus related issue?


Here's how to check the digital signatures on the program and installer, to see if they've been modified or damaged by something else:

Make sure you get the installer from our website:

Just updating that I have Dopus installed for the past week without this issue reoccurring.
The only difference is that I have not yet installed the theme that I always use ("VS Dark.dlt").

Digital Signatures were checked for the downloaded file and installed components.