Intermittent crash on startup (may involve DisplayFusion?)


Dopus has started crashing on startup. Usually there are a number of tabs open in the right hand file lister from the previous session.

I am sending a number of crashdumps that date between 11/1/18 and 30/1/18.

I'm running a fully patched install of Win10 64bit.

Please advise if further information is required.

From the crash dumps, it looks like a hook DLL which DisplayFusion installs may be involved:

C:\Program Files (x86)\DisplayFusion\Hooks\AppHook64_C4A0E6FA-5A34-4428-8262-10499C1A6210.dll

It's also possible it is just a bystander to something else, the same as Opus is, but that hook is being called during all of the crash dumps, and the code that is crashing is not part of Opus at all.

Could you try disabling/uninstalling DisplayFusion to confirm whether it is involved? If it isn't involved then we can rule it out and look in other directions, but it looks like the most likely thing at the moment.

Checking for updates of it would also be a good idea, in case it's a known issue that has been fixed.

Very interesting discovery... Thank you for the very quick response!

DisplayFusion has an option to disable application hooks for specific applications so I've put dopus.exe on that list.

Since I'm currently on the latest version of that as well this would appear to be the best course of action.

I'll let the developer know and see if they can make use of the crash dumps in anyway.

I'll update this thread with news as and when I have some.