Intermittent error when copying web image to clipboard


I was wondering if anyone else has encountered the following attached error, which for me happens sometimes (say 1 in 8 times) when I copy an image from a web page to the clipboard.
It only seems to occur if a lister is being displayed in thumbnail mode, and I right click on a web image in internet explorer (using version 8 atm) and select copy.

I'm using the lastest version x64 (but the bugs been there for a while) and windows 7 64bit


So Opus crashes sometimes when you've got Opus open but aren't using it, and put an image in the clipboard in IE?

Have you added any copy/paste buttons to your toolbars?

Yes it crashes while it's open in the background and I put an image in the clipboard in IE.
No copy/paste buttons have been added, I just use the standard cut & paste available in the context menus for opus/IE. The key I think may be that thumbnail viewing mode is on in a background lister.

I haven't been able to reproduce this.

If it still happens for you it might be worth sending a crash dump to GPSoft. Instructions are here: Crash dumps for bug reports.

If you have anything unusual, and clipboard-related, on your toolbar that might be a factor. e.g. Copy and Paste buttons directly on the toolbar (instead of below the Edit menu). Any other unusual things (like clipboard monitor/history programs which may be changing things, or using the 64-bit version of IE rather than the default 32-bit version) may also be worth mentioning.

Thanks, since this initial posting I've re-installed Opus and Windows 7 64bit and I'm still having the problem. Thinking about it the one process that monitors the clipboard that I'm aware of is Internet Download Manager. I'd put money on this being the issue as it monitors the IE clipboard. Will try disabling/ enabling the IDM addon from within IE and see if that makes a difference.