Intermittent Error

Over the last week or so, I've intermittently received the following error when opening DOpus or scrolling through a lister:

Uploaded with

Sometimes it clears on DOpus restart, and sometimes it errors a few times before clearing. It's really hit and miss, tough to nail down...

Not sure what I may have installed to cause this (don't remember installing anything, actually)...

Any ideas?



See the FAQs on crashes. It's probably a shell extension or video codec or similar.

Maybe connected to FileMenu Tools... Anybody else using this?

I think the problem is connected to Folder Size for Windows Explorer. I uninstalled a few things recently, including this, that seemed to solve the problem. I wanted the functionality offered by Folder Size, so I reinstalled it. The functionality works great. However, DOpus crashes on very rare occasions once again, but not as often as before. I'll have to ask another question in another thread...