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Internet explorer save as replace?



i am evaluating directory opus because vistas files explorer is totally useless to me. (grrrr) and i must say its an awesome product so far. fast, stable and full of excellent features and what i like the most is the replacement of that ugly file explorer vissta ships with.

BUT… is it possible to replace also that save as dialog that shows up when i for example try to save a image from a webpage? its so annoying… cant find where i am… or where i save… and id really like to see a directory opus instead of that wanna be explorer window. any chance??? thx!!


Opus doesn’t replace the File Open dialogs in other programs. There are a few programs which do but I don’t know which to recommend.

Vista lets you drag things to the locations bar on the left of the dialog; I find that gives me convenient anchor points that allow me to reach common places quickly. The lack of a Parent button still annoys me, though. :slight_smile:


thanks for the response… can you name any app which can do that please? :slight_smile:


This appears to still be valid in 12.9. When I save a document in Office I get the File Explorer program instead of DO. Isn't it possible for DO to replace this functionality as well?


No change. There is no good way to do that in Windows, unfortunately. Many have tried and, as far as I know, all of them gave up, probably due to all the compatibility issues it creates with different software that modify the dialogs when they display them, as well as improvements to the standard dialogs over the years.