Internet Shortcuts

I want to be able to create Internet Shortcuts from Opus.
What is the best way to do this?
A file menu entry or hotkey would be good.
The best (only) way i can think of is to restore the default File > New > Shortcut menu path shown below:

It is not clear how I could do that as the file submenu is not available when I go into customise mode:

I have an idea the way to restore the specific menu path mentioned above has something to do with GUIDs as mentioned in this tutorial:

[url]Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus]

I dont see any GUID entry when I look in my registry:

Any help in general with best approach or particular appreciated

You can use the command FileType NEW .lnk to do this.

Thankyou. This is working (below). I invoke the men item and the windows wizard pops up and I can create a new Internet Shortcut in the usual way. One thing, when the wizard finnishes a browser is brought forward and made active. Is there any way to stop this action?

It's not explicitly a browser that's made active; it's whichever window was last active before the Opus window you were using.

I guess the wizard may be confused because it's being run by something other than Explorer.

BTW, a much easier (IMO) way to create a shortcut to a website is to navigate to it in a web browser, then drag the icon from the browser's address bar into Opus/Explorer/etc. Then it will automatically get the title from the website, too.

Many thanks Jon and Leo