Interruption of dragging scrollbar thumb when a background tab is upda

Dragging the scrollbar thumb when another tab refreshes it's files/view in the background will interrupt the scrolling as if the mouse button was let go, when it was not.

To test...

The tab being scrolled needs to be in Details or Power mode

Make sure below is ticked (disabling this stops the scroll interruptions)
Preferences / Folder Tabs / Options
[X] Process file changes in the background

When interruptions are occuring:
uncheck, Process file changes in the background, click apply
check, Process file changes in the background, click ok

At this point the interruptions will stop, but will reactivate once you view the tab that is being updating in background again.

new_file_loop_100.bat.rar (177 Bytes)


Thanks for the easy repro / bat file!

We've fixed this, and the fix will most likely be part of the the next beta.