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Invoking Duplicate File Finder stalls Opus


In recent weeks (maybe after installing 12.10.1 and the following betas, but I am not sure) opening the Duplicate File Finder stalled the current Lister. The panel would not open, instead the Lister would display "not responding" after clicking it again. This would not affect the other Listers, I was always able to continue working. On the other hand, the Lister never recovered. Exiting Opus and restarting would bring things back to normal, but the Windows tool tip fonts would change (getting underlined), so I usually rebooted.

Miscellaneous observations:

  • happens with a chance of 10-20%
  • independent from drive and folder, SSD or HD
  • might stall in one Lister, then work flawlessly in the next Lister with same folder
  • Opus stalled once in the Advanced Rename Dialog, not sure if there's a connection

I have created a few manual dumps, sending them via email.


That combination of issues (especially the tooltip font changing) sounds more like a Windows or driver bug, or something that modifies the way other programs look or behave going wrong.

Are your OS and video drivers up to date? Any tools installed that hook/modify other software?


Yes, Win7 with HD4600 graphics is up to date.

Other tools? That's a broad question :wink: Maybe QuickLook? That always looked a bit weird, but I ruled it out, because only the Duplicate File Finder was affected. Will uninstall it nevertheless.


Try disabling WinSplit Revolution in case that helps.

(Uninstalling it & rebooting may be best, if it's easy to reinstall later without losing settings, to make sure the hook DLL is no longer loaded.)

It's not definitely the problem, but it's caused some unusual things for a couple of other people, and is one of the things loaded into the process in the dumps you emailed.

The freeze looks like something that is probably caused by a hook DLL of some sort, so if it isn't that one it may be another, but that's the only DLL that stands out to me as a hook based on the list of DLLs/paths in the dump.


Thanks for the quick feedback. I'll try this. Would be a huge surprise, because I have used WinSplit Revolution for years. But development stopped years ago, so there is chance.