iPhone photo transfer

I have experienced a problem trying to transfer photos from my iPhone storage to my photo archive folder. This has been an on-going problem and I thought by version 12.7 it would have been fixed. I have had to use Windows Explorer. Problem: I am using a dual vertical Lister and I can load the photos in one pane and my archive folder in the other pane. First, I notice that some of the photos look like they are not fully loaded (some of the photo frame is grey). Then when I try to cut or copy and paste, the function does not work. Sometimes it even copies another photo! I use my Directory Opus for everything and this is one function that is very important for me. What is the problem? How can this be remedied?

Reversing the Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: mtp_enable setting can help with some devices, by delegating more of MTP handling to the Windows shell so it is more similar to what Explorer does.

Thank you, I'll try it!

Leo, I already had mtp_enable selected (true).

When you say "Reversing" do you mean set the mtp_enable to (false)?