Iphone Photo viewing is extremly slow

When I go into DCIM folder with DOPUS in thumbnail view, it is extremely slow to see the pictures. It takes around 5 minutes for all the thumbnails to show. Opening the same folder in Windows 10 explorer, shows them immediately.

However Andoird is real fast with Dopus, only iOS is slow. Anyone else here with iphone?

Please try the first suggestion here (mtp_enable):

That's about Androids. I need a guide about iPhones.

Can I install an FTP server on an iPhone? I doubt it.

When I set mtp_enable to false, double clicking opens windows explorer and it does not open in dopus anymore.

The first suggestion applies to any MTP device.

Where are you double-clicking? Try exiting Opus and restarting it after changing the option, in case that helps.