Is better FTP performance planned for dopus 13?

Hi folks, I think the title says it all, a lot of people experienced poor FTP performance on this current version of dopus as well as the older ones, as someone who purchased the FTP add on, me as well as other users felt left behind and waiting more than several years for improvements on that front, alas to no avail.

I really hope that this is something that will be considered in future versions of dopus, for now I use winscp or the command-line but I really liked the experience of navigating remote folders the same way you would do on this excellent file manager.

The only thing stopping me from doing that are the slow speeds, multiple threads have already been made so I'm not gonna repeat what has been said, all other FTP tools are able to max out the connection speed of the users reporting this problem but dopus isn't.

To me not fixing the FTP slow speeds issue on this new version would amount to make the best pizza in the world and then forget some crucial topping xD.

Maybe if this is something you don't plan to allocate development time to, it should be clearly mentionned on the website when purchasing the add-on. So the consumer can be informed and act accordingly.

Thanks again for considering.

Yes, we're going to completely replace the FTP/SFTP code as one of the first big pieces of work once the initial 13 release is out.


Multiple transfers at once would be really cool!

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Nice! thanks a lot for being attentive to your customers!


Yes, this is a big wish for me too. The level of WinSCP is what I would recommend to strive for:

  • in terms of performance
  • support of file transfer protolcols, especially WebDAV (!!!!, must have) and SCP (nice to have)
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WebDAV's being phased out apparently.

Well give me a source to prove that. It's part of Sharepoint and the way to go in a lot of other cases were FTP is not implemented or firewalled.

I don't think WebDAV is being deprecated industry-wide, but Microsoft seem to be moving away from it, which may affect Sharepoint:

Could also mean they're replacing the client with something else. My impression is the WebDAV client in Windows has never worked very well, although I've never used it myself.

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Yes, Windows support for webdav has always been limited, but webdav is indeed more stable than ftp.

Im trying the beta for ver 13 I did not use the ftp yet but I am very glad the recycle bin has dark mode now xD, yeah a lot of good improvements from what I've tried so far, kept all my settings etc.

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Came back to mention that I tried the ftp transfers on the 13 beta and it seems the speed issue is not yet resolved? Maybe that part is not ready yet so I will wait for the stable release but it does not look like it.

I tried transfering folders between 1 high speed dedicated server with ssds to another of the same kind so nothing from my machine and I was hitting speeds of approx. 300 KiB/s on each folder. That was over SFTP.

I could run multiple folders in parallel and then the speed would increase but it would remain around 300 KiB/s per folder which means the bandwith issue is most likely not related to the servers.

I tried with rclone and winscp and they are all able to max out at speeds around 100 MiB/s.

Not only that but at this point most FTP utilities have a setting were we can set a number of files to process in parallel per transfer so we don't need to drag/drop copy/paste the items one by one to benefit from parallelization. I think this has been mentionned up in this thread.

It would allow us to take full advantage of our ressources and make the FTP add-on a tool usable as a daily driver for people who transfer a lot of files.

I really love the layout, the navigation and the fact that everything is contained within dopus but I just can't do a 46gb transfer at 200-300 KiB/s. That's really the one thing holding me back.


I don't know if there is some place in the foum where we can report or show some kind of log?

Thanks again for all the work.

Nothing has changed as far as FTP goes, yet. Leo's reply to your original post makes that clear.
Once the release of 13 is behind us it's going to be a priority. Until then, going on about it over and over again is just going to waste your time as well as ours.

Hmm ok got you then my bad for getting it twisted I will wait and see. :+1: