Is Directory Opus 13 releasing soon?

Just want to know that is DOpus 13 releasing soon? I saw a huge time gap between 12 and 13 while 11 to 12 is much smaller. I just don't want to pay for an major update right after I bought it

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There isn't a date yet, but the way it has worked in the past is the upgrade price was much lower, or even free, for people who bought just before a new version was announced. That way people shouldn't have to worry too much about buying at the wrong time.

Thanks. Also what percentage do you think dopus 13 is now finished?

I can only say that I had similar thoughts ~ 1 year ago...
I guess nobody will tell you if it will take minimum 1 year or only some month.

Will the price be the same on its first purchase or just a price for a big "major upgrade" of DO
(for those who already have DO)

Upgrades cost less for existing users.

Thank Leo :v: