Is DOpus Compatible with Object Desktop?

I'm a new member of the forum and this is my first post. I hope that this is the correct place to put this and the topic is allowed. I am a long-time user of DOpus and couldn't use a computer without it. I would like to know if anyone knows if Directory Opus is compatible with the Object Desktop suite of programs. I know about WindowBlinds compatibility mode, I've already set that but I'm thinking of going the whole way and buying the entire Object Desktop suite of programs. But I don't want to waste my money if it would give me a lot of problems with Directory Opus. Please help if you can.

I don't remember hearing of any problems - WindowsBlinds is the main thing that gives us grief, and is the one that sinks its hooks the deepest into the system.

Don't they have a free trial period so you can try it for yourself?

I'm using Object Desktop on three different computer systems. I have absolutely no problems with their offerings. Keep in mind, some WindowBlinds skins cause problems with the display of applications which have custom toolbars or unique application buttons which render differently from the way windows renders their buttons. Even applications that use the GTLayer toolkit have problems with WindowBlinds, but it's not to the point where the application is completely useless. Some functionality in WindowFX, RightClick, and IconX cause problems with Opus so I don't use those parts of the Object Desktop package. The Enhanced File Dialog is a fantastic addition to Opus though... gives you the ability to lock down how you want the save as/open dialog to look.

Ultimately, if you have any problems with Opus while using Object Desktop, turn off all of the functionality of OD first and then verify the problem is still present in Opus. So far, every problem I've encountered has been Object Desktop. The development group over at Stardock though is quite responsive though... I reported a problem I had and they fixed the issue in a couple weeks.

I have not heard of any problems in regards to compatibility with Object Desktop. With a program such as Windowblinds, you have the option to exclude specific applications from being "skinned" as well in case you run into a problem with a particular program.

Spr0ket is also right that Enhanced File Dialog is a great addition to something like Opus.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, and I will be glad to help.

I'm not sure if it's a DOpus issue or if it's PEBKAC :laughing: ... but in my installation ... I have Icon Packager and it doesn't seems to "affect" DOpus ...

Windows Blinds working great ...

Do a search here for Icon Packager (and select Search for all terms) and you'll find about 5 threads which seem to have useful info. (Not sure which is the best one.)

I use the full suite with DO 8 with no problems.

Note that if you have any problem with DO and Window Blinds you can tell Window Blinds to exclude DO from skinning by double-clicking the Window Blinds icon in the system tray and then clicking on the "change the look of a particular application". click on "add per application setting", add DO to the list and check the exclude from skinning box in the settings box which pops up.

--- Rich