Is it possible to add DPX images viewing to the DO Viewer?

At this time I viewing DPX images with XnView viewer and would like to view them also in the Directory Opus Viewer. Maybe it is possible some how to use XnView scope as plugin?

It would need either an Opus viewer plugin (Opus-only) or a Windows Preview Handler or Thumbnail Provider (Opus and File Explorer).

AFAIK XnView is a standalone application and doesn't install any of those components.

I haven't looked into the format before but if it's easy to turn the files into a standard bitmap structure then it should be easy to write an Opus viewer plugin for them.

I think the Raw Camera plugin has support for some DPX formats as well, but it may depend on the file extensions, and may not implement all possible modes that various cameras may use.

Thank you. You lead me to the right way. SageTumbs shell extension (XnView's author) registered 224 image extensions and done it. Now I can see any image in Opus viewer :slight_smile:

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