Is it possible to bypass the installed property handle when setting rating for a FLAC?

Yesterday I made a mistake of assuming that Opus was the one causing a unwanted behavior when setting the rating for FLAC files. Later I recognized that Opus was using the installed "property handler" - or so I think. (That is why you may see two deleted messages on another topic.)

I would like to keep the property handle I have, as I think it is necessary for Windows Search to index these files, but I don't want Opus to use it when setting the rating.

Is there some way to instruct Opus so that it ignores the property handle and use whatever native capability it has to set the rating of FLAC files?

I don't think there is a way to block Property Handler shell extensions in Opus without also blocking them system-wide, unfortunately.

If you do block the handler system-wide, do you see different results, or is it just a theory at this stage?


For comparison I made some tests on a fresh VM with Opus installed and no property handler installed.

I noticed that on the VM none of the unwanted behavior occurred, while on my main system, with the property handle, they did occur.