Is it possible to open file/executable elevated with keyb.?

Hi there,

Is it possible, while inside a lister, to open the selected file / launch the selected executable by pressing a keyboard shortcut? I mean, like in the Windows Start Menu, when you hold CTRL + SHIFT while opening a shortcut, it'll prompt with the UAC dialog and launch as admin.

It would be great if this would be possible in DO, since I found I need to launch elevated files many times and it's quite slow to right click... wait the popup menu to appear... select to Run as Admin.


You can create your own hotkey to do that using


as the command.

If your right-click menus are slow, you can fix that via the steps in the FAQ on right-click menu problems. It'll be a shell extension something has installed which is taking a long time and can probably be disabled.

Thanks leo.

I've tried but couldn't set the shortcut to CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER. Instead of using that command, the Command Editor dialog closes (because of the 'Enter' pressed) and doesn't register as shortcut.

Press Ctrl + Shift and select Enter from the pulldown menu.

That was clever :wink:

Thanks blueroly!