Is it possible to skip UAC prompts when moving in-use folders?

When I drag-move or try to rename many folders to a subfolder or anywhere - if any files in those folders are locked or in use I get UAC prompts for each selected folder. Is there a way to silently skip UAC on default move operations instead of having to go through the skip > UAC dialog > skip > UAC dialog.. for each selected folder.

Let me be clear that I don't want to abort the entire operation. Just skip the conflicted files and move everything else which can be moved.

Elevating would yield nothing anyway as they couldn't be moved even with an administrator token as there are locked files inside.
Normal explorer.exe doesn't even pop-up any UAC prompts in this case and allows me to skip one or all directly.

If possible a command switch to skip all elevation attempts and auto-fail items which would require them would be a nice thing to have.

You should normally only be UAC-prompted once per operation. (If you click Yes, it should cache the result for the rest of the operation. If you click No it should cancel the operation.)

Do you see the same thing if you use the toolbar's Move button (to move from source to destination in a dual-display window), instead of drag & drop?

Are the source and destination folders normal local directories, or something more esoteric like archives or network shares?

(As an aside, the reason for the prompt sometimes even though elevation doesn't ultimately help is that Windows doesn't provide a way to know the reason for an Access Denied error, other than to try elevation and see if it works. Unfortunately, Microsoft chose to use the same error code for "you don't have permission" and "something else is locking the file".)

All are normal directories on the local filesystem. The directories are just being moved to a subfolder.
Happens on both drag&drop and cut/paste operations.
If I allow UAC elevation once - it gets cached and doesn't ask again.
If I press NO on the UAC dialog and skip all on the dopus dialog - it actually skips the file dialogs but still displays a UAC dialog per file.

When using a limited account and dopus from a flash drive it's inconvenient to be asked for the admin password every time, and there's always the possibility that one doesn't or is not authorized to know it.

Does the OS handle the creation of a UAC dialog whenever an operation concerning a locked file is encountered or is dopus attempting to elevate just to be sure the access denied error is not permission related?

I doubt it's the former as it would happen in other programs as well hence it would be good to be able to suppress UAC and silently fail and skip every object that might trigger a Permission exception.
Perhaps something in the lines of reverse Admin Mode.

We'll improve this in the next update.

Looking forward to it, thank you Jon :grin: