Is it possible to turn existing 'Rename' presets into buttons?

I'm relatively new to Opus. Just started looking at the 'Rename' dropdown button that comes pre-installed with it.

I initially created a bunch of rename presets and organized them into groups. But after having to access them via the 'Rename' dropdown button - I found it to be very tedious.

So I was thinking it'd be much easier to create a new toolbar to house those presets as buttons. In some cases, I wanted my preset group to appear directly on the toolbar as an individual dropdown.

But when I enter the 'Customization' mode in Opus...the 'Rename' presets and buttons disappear from the dropdown menu. So I can't copy or drag them to my new toolbar.

I'm stumped and don't know what to do. Wondering if any expert can help me...

They don't disappear when you edit the menus. There are items in the menu when in editing mode which will turn into the list of presets in normal mode. You can copy or move those items to anywhere you like to move the lists around.

As well as the automatic lists of all presets (or just presets within a specified category), you can also make standalone buttons for individual presets.

See the pinned post at the top of the Rename Presets are of the forum for more detail:

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Oh! I understand what happened now. In 'Customization' mode...the topmost item displayed instead of the presets is called "Rename Presets (Favorites)". When I was copying that to my toolbar, nothing would appear.

But right below that is another item called "Rename Presets (Non-Favorites)". When I copy that, then I'm able to see my 'Rename Groups' appear on the toolbar.

The only problem with this method is that when I have custom groups, it will add other individual (non-grouped) presets in a new group folder called 'Unspecified'.

If I don't use custom tab groups, that 'Unspecified' folder does not appear and the presets appear individually.

For this situation, the article you linked to is great. This specific section explains how to create new buttons by calling on those Rename presets:

To control how those buttons are grouped and displayed on a new toolbar, I think putting the buttons in a new menu is a good solution:!Documents/Dropdown_Buttons.htm